Vanessa Hill








TV Presenter
STEM Advocate

Hello! I'm an Australian TV presenter and speaker. I'm passionate about science, education and the internet.

I created, host and produce BrainCraft, a PBS series exploring psychology, neuroscience and human behaviour. It's a leading science series on YouTube, with more than 450,000 subscribers and 26 million views.

I also host Sciencey for ABC Australia. Last year, I directed, produced and hosted a long-form documentary, Mutant Menu, commissioned by Screen Australia and YouTubeI'm currently in production for my next documentary project, Attention Wars, premiering in late 2018.

I've made expert appearances on Discovery, MTV, HBO, Nine and Seven Network and collaborated with BBC America, BBC Earth and PBS Nature.

I previously worked for CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, as a science educator and spokesperson. I'm a UNSW science grad with a Masters in Science Communication from ANU. I hope to spark curiosity in others and show how science is human, relevant and amazing.








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BrainCraft stands out from the pack… The result is a lesson that is both memorable and relatable.
— The Daily Dot